Someone behind the acclaimed PC survival title Subnautica has outed that the game could be making its way to PlayStation 4. During a Twitch stream, a developer under the moniker Flayra took to the comments and said, "We're hopefully coming to PS4 as well this year". This naturally made its way onto the game's Reddit page.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Subnautica is a first person survival game set in a world almost entirely covered in water. You manage to escape from a gigantic spacecraft as it crash lands onto the planet, and must travel far and wide across the vast aquatic expanses in search of food and resources. You also must fend off fearsome creatures and craft new technologies to explore the depths.

The final game was finally released recently after a long stint in early access, during which time it was very popular on YouTube, so there's plenty of footage out there if you want to have a look at what to expect.

This is hardly a concrete confirmation, but it sounds like, if all goes well, we could be diving into this on PS4 by the end of 2018. Are you interested to play Subnautica on PS4? Get your feet wet in the comments below.

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