A new report has surfaced on Kotaku this morning that claims Dark Souls Remastered will be announced later today for PS4.

Citing "multiple sources, both in development and retail", the report says the announcement is due to be made a few hours after the hotly anticipated Nintendo Direct. Apparently, the remaster will utilise SFX and lighting tech from Dark Souls III, so we would expect the remaster to have similar visuals. Kotaku has also learned that the multiplayer will broaden the maximum amount of concurrent players to six. Dark Souls Remastered will release in May 2018, the site claims.

We'd say it's probably best to treat this as a rumour until we hear official word. Having said that, the wording used in Kotaku's article seems pretty final.

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Update: Lending credence to the rumour is the image embedded right, which found its way onto the internet a little while ago.

[source kotaku.co.uk]