DONTNOD's Vampyr dev diary series continues with the second episode, entitled Architects of the Obscure. Once again, a couple of developers from the studio highlight some specific areas about their bloodthirsty new game.

The team talks about the four districts of London you'll be able to explore, detailing what you can expect from each and the types of residents you'll encounter. Conversation moves on to talk about some of the visual design. "We tried to withhold visual information. We wanted to play with that, to skirt the line between comprehension and intrigue." In other words, the visual language being employed here will hint at what's on the horizon but will also retain an air of mystery. It sounds like an interesting approach.

The final topic in the video is the music, which will be dominated by the haunting cello solos from Eric-Maria Couturier. It's suitably dark stuff.

Have a watch, then try not to turn batty in the comments below.