Sometimes referred to as the best Gundam games that never came West, the Gundam Breaker series sees players build their own mobile suits and take to the battlefield, wrecking opponents in order to loot their parts. The last title in the series, Gundam Breaker 3, was well received, and the Asian version of the release, which has English subtitles, was something of a hit with importers.

Announced during a livestream earlier today, a new Gundam Breaker game titled, er, New Gundam Breaker, is heading to PlayStation 4 this year in Japan. It's using Unreal Engine 4, and the franchise's trademark "build your own suit" system returns.

Although publisher Bandai Namco is generally very good at localising its games, Gundam has historically always been a rather tricky property to work with. Still, we got Gundam Versus last year, so here's hoping that the company at least considers bringing New Gundam Breaker overseas.

Update: New Gundam Breaker has been confirmed for a Western release on PS4 this year. You can get the details through here.