Monster Hunter: World

For those of you worried that Monster Hunter: World would gobble up a huge portion of your precious hard drive space, never fear. According to the below image of the Japanese box, it seems the epic beast-slaying adventure will need just 16GB for installation.

Alright, so 16GB isn't exactly tiny, but when you compare it to most of the other big titles released in recent years, it's pretty small. We would've expected it to be about thrice as large, given what we know of the size and scope of the game.

Still, it doesn't really tell us too much. The main thing is that we know Monster Hunter: World shows huge promise. Don't forget, there's one more chance to go hands on with a final open beta test, which begins 19th January (or 18th January for you Americans).

What do you make of Monster Hunter: World's modest file size? Hammer your thoughts into the comments below.