Border Break isn't all that well known in the West, but it's a pretty popular arcade game in Japan that's been around for a long time. SEGA has announced it will be making its way to PS4 this year, and has only been confirmed for Japan at this stage.

The game is a multiplayer third person shooter in which players engage in 10 vs 10 battles in giant robots. Check out the above trailer to see it in action. It will be released as a free-to-play game, launching allegedly around summer time. As well as casual and ranked multiplayer, there will also be a story mode that fleshes out the world, plus a whole host of customisation options for your mech. An open beta test was also announced, which will be taking place in February

It's hard to say whether Border Break will be localised, but it certainly looks interesting, and being a free-to-play title, it would be well worth checking out if it ever does head to Western territories.

What do you think of Border Break? Have you heard of it or played it before? Would you like to see it release outside of Japan? Boost jump into the comments below.

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