Little Red Lie PS4 PlayStation PS Vita Sony 1

Will O’Neill, the creator of the thought-provoking Actual Sunlight, will tell a Little Red Lie on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this week, as his latest game arrives on Sony’s systems. Billed as an “interactive fiction experience”, the title promises to riff on the old LucasArts adventure game format – except your only method of interaction will be to lie.

“The player takes control of two protagonists in alternating and thematically-related stories," reads the blurb. “The first character, Sarah Stone, is a representation of contemporary western middle-class fear: precarious employment, excessive debt, and contending with the intergenerational outcomes between the Baby Boomers and their descendants.”

The story summary continues: “The second character, Arthur Fox, is a representation of the increasingly unaccountable power that the most affluent in our society possess, as well as the relentless pursuit of the financial services industry to acquire wealth with seemingly-little regard for the underlying social fabric it affects.”

The game’s due out tomorrow and we should have a review ready this week. We promise not to tell any lies in our verdict.