"You call this a news story?" we hear you cry. Yeah, we do actually -- this is pretty much the most important story that we're going to write all week, because this saga simply has to end.

Ever since it was revealed, the debate has been a hot one: just how are you supposed to pronounce Dragon Ball FighterZ? Is it Dragon Ball Fighter Zee? Like Dragon Ball Z? Or is it Dragon Ball Fighterz because we're suddenly back in the 90s? Or, is it Dragon Ball Fighter Zed because you're an uncool Brit?

It's actually none of them, for those wondering. At least, according to some know-it-alls on Twitter. Esports events organiser and general fighting game community guy Bear tweeted: "[it's] pronounced "fighters" (NOT Fighter-Z)". The tweet was then retweeted by none other than Mark Julio, aka Markman, who's the brand and community advisor for Tekken. Safe to say Markman knows his stuff when it comes to Bandai Namco titles.

So there you have it, it's apparently just Dragon Ball Fighters. Only it's spelled with a z.

Glad we got that one cleared up.

Update: Bandai Namco has confirmed to us that it's Dragon Ball "Fighters". Just in case you needed the official word on the matter.