blazblue cross tag battle dlc outrage.jpg

From the moment BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle was announced, we couldn't help but wonder if the crossover project was just a way for Arc System Works to reuse a whole bunch of different assets from a whole bunch of different games plucked from its back catalogue. As it turns out, rehashed assets isn't even the biggest potential problem with the upcoming fighter.

Many fighting game fans are in an uproar right now because the studio has revealed that Cross Tag Battle will launch with just 20 playable characters. That would be an okay-ish number if this was a totally new game, but it seems pretty stingy when you consider how many characters Arc System Works has under its umbrella. It's lacking for a big crossover bash, that's for sure.

But that's not the worst of it. The real kicker here is that the developer also revealed that the title will receive 20 additional characters as downloadable content, meaning that half of the final roster will need to be purchased separately. Not looking good, is it?

So we've got 20 characters in a base game that's already banking on reused assets, and we've got 20 more that you're going to have to pay extra for. Yeah, it's no surprise that people are p*ssed. We're big fans of Arc System Works here at Push Square -- we can't wait for Dragon Ball FighterZ -- but BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is looking ugly right now. The game's set to launch on the 5th June here in the West.

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