In development by indie dev Joakim Sandberg for seven years, pixel art platformer Iconoclasts is due to launch on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita – with cross-buy support – on 23rd January, according to a snazzy new trailer. In a PlayStation Blog post published today, Sandberg detailed the game's focus, keeping the base gameplay simple while adding complexity through boss battles: "Once you first master your controls, the learning is only in what your boss or enemy does against you, not how you yourself should press your buttons."

Said bosses are in abundance, with "over 20" slated for the game. Iconoclasts sees you playing as Robin, a mechanic whose wrench and stun-gun can be used to solve puzzles and defeat lackeys of the One Concern, an evil authority that's taken over the government.

Does Iconoclasts' trailer wrench you in, or is it not in good nick? Set guns to stun in the comments below.