The first official gameplay footage of AO Tennis has made its way to YouTube. Embedded above, the video contains a series of rallies between cover star Rafael Nadal and South African player Kevin Anderson.

This gameplay emerges just a day before the game's release, which isn't exactly an encouraging sign. Addressing the concerns over a lack of footage, Big Ant Studios, said on Twitter last week, "...there are some great things at this year's Australian Open that need to be kept under wraps until the first match begins." This being a fully licensed game, that does make some sense, but the footage looks a little flat with its plastic player models and lack of commentary.

We're also still not certain whether AO Tennis will be launching anywhere outside of Australia, but we'll try to get clarification on this from the developer. Hopefully we can get some hands on time with this soon.

What do you think of this AO Tennis gameplay? Are you looking forward to playing? Lob your thoughts into the comments below.

Update: AO Tennis will be releasing outside of Australia within the first half of 2018. An exact date has not been set in place.