Beams Golf is a Japanese brand of golfing attire, and it's making its way to Everybody's Golf on PS4. In the tweet below, you'll be able to get a brief look at the sort of threads you'll be able to adorn your avatar with:

These clothes appear to be prizes for winning a Beams Golf in-game tournament, which you'll be able to partake in once you update the game. You'll unlock something for simply entering, so if you're still addicted to perfecting your swing, it'll be worth at least checking out.

Qualifiers for the tournament begin today, and will end on the 25th January. If you do well enough, you'll go through to the finals, which begin on the 26th and end on the 29th.

Are you still playing Everybody's Golf? Will you be taking part in the tournament? Sink a birdie in the comments below.

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