Apex Construct – we like that name. It’s literally just two random words stuck together, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s try it all together: Apex Construct. See? Satisfying, right? This is a brand new PlayStation VR action adventure game developed by ex-Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield makers, and it looks pretty good.

The boring stuff first: it’s due out on 20th February, and will launch with a discount for PlayStation Plus members. Essentially you play as the last human alive, using an upgradeable bow and arrow to off synthetic threats. Horizon: Zero Dawn, eat your heart out. Of course, this is all a perfect fit for PSVR’s motion controls.

The cool thing is that this isn’t just your typical tech demo, but a full-length campaign with plenty to explore off the beaten path. Even better, in addition to teleportation, the title will also support direct movement, and you’ll be able to customise and toggle various options (like smooth movement) to determine what feels comfortable for you.

Looking and sounding really good, then, eh? It’s great to see PSVR starting the year off with some meaty, full-length games.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]