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A juicy little story that unfortunately passed us by while we were off on our Christmas break (please forgive us), Ubisoft has acknowledged fan demand for a New Game Plus mode in Assassin's Creed Origins. The open world title has been updated numerous times since it launched last year, but many players are still requesting the option to restart the game with all of their equipment and skills intact.

Just before the holidays, the developer posted a quick question and answer session on its official site. One question asked "Will there be a New Game+ option added to Assassin’s Creed Origins?" to which the studio replied "We know that a large number of community members have requested a New Game+ feature. We are currently investigating the possibility of implementing this option in a future title update." In other words, it could well be happening.

We haven't heard from the development team in 2018 yet, but Origins' first expansion, The Hidden Ones, is due out this month. As such, we imagine that Ubisoft will be sending word of a release date sooner rather than later. Perhaps the studio will have more information to share with regards to future content updates, too.

Would you play through Origins again on New Game Plus? Show off your most dangerous weapons in the comments section below.