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Let's not beat around the bush: BioWare's been trying to navigate an increasingly slippery slope for a good few years now. Once one of the very best role-playing game studios in the world, the Canadian company has had it rough in recent times, with the likes of Mass Effect: Andromeda failing to propel the beloved sci-fi series into a new generation.

But while Andromeda floundered, much of BioWare was busy behind the scenes working on ANTHEM. The project was officially unveiled at E3 2017, but we've heard very little since. Publisher EA had said that it was due to release later this year, but according to a new Kotaku report, the supposedly ambitious game has apparently been pushed back into a vague "early 2019".

The report details the "pressure" that the developer currently faces as it continues to craft its next title. The studio's putting the majority of its personnel on the upcoming project, going as far as to reassign senior members of the Dragon Age team.

Kotaku's article goes in-depth on the current climate that BioWare finds itself in -- a climate that has hardcore gamers lashing out at loot boxes and anti-consumer game design mandated by big publishers like Activision and EA. Will a title like ANTHEM even be welcomed by the current market, or would it be torn to bits? It's easy to see why BioWare must be feeling the heat.

All of this screams one thing to us: ANTHEM may well be BioWare's make or break moment. Many would argue that BioWare's been on the cusp of imploding since the debacle surrounding the ending of Mass Effect 3 -- some might even say that the developer's days have been numbered ever since it signed up with EA.

That's a gloomy way to look at things, though. ANTHEM could end up being a great game, and we sincerely hope that it will be. But what do you think? Will BioWare deliver with ANTHEM, or do you have your doubts? Keep your fingers crossed in the comments section below.