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Like so many, we have fond memories of the Bad Company games. Battlefield’s beloved squad-based spin-off still has many fans today, so a return to the format makes sense, right? Judging by the reaction to rumours that DICE’s 2018 first-person shooter will be Bad Company 3, it sure seems like the right time. But is it actually in the works?

Well, a video by YouTuber AlmightyDaq – who previously leaked Battlefield 1 – seemed to suggest so earlier this week, but further investigation by is less convincing. To cut a very long story short, AlmightyDaq has backtracked a little bit on his first report, claiming that DICE Sweden is working on a World War II-themed Battlefield, while DICE LA picks up the Bad Company brand.

DICE LA (previously named Danger Close) worked on the Medal of Honor titles, but has become more of a support studio in recent years. It’d be a first for it to lead development on a Battlefield game, so whether it’s merely kicking around ideas or actively working on a sequel is hard to say. One thing’s for sure: it doesn’t sound like you’ll be playing Bad Company 3 next Christmas.

As for a Battlefield set during WWII, it’d certainly make sense. Battlefield 1 pulled in big bucks for publisher EA, and Call of Duty: WWII’s gigantic launch has affirmed that the market is currently hungry for historical shooters – even though you get the feeling the bubble will probably burst again soon. We should find out for sure what’s going on at E3 next year.

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