Focus Home Interactive’s portfolio makes for pretty impressive reading these days, and The Council is another intriguing addition to its catalogue. Billed as a five-part episodic adventure, the story begins off the coast of England in 1793, where famous historical faces such as Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington have been invited to the estate of Lord Mortimer.

Essentially a murder mystery, you’ll play as Louis de Richet, a member of a secret society whose mother has gone missing. Throughout the course of the series, you’ll need to manipulate the colourful cast of characters in order to uncover the truth of her disappearance, with the consequences of your actions being permanent and long-lasting.

Honestly, the premise is uncannily similar to The Invisible Hours, which launched on PlayStation VR earlier in the year. The first episode – named ‘The Mad Ones’ – is scheduled to release in February 2018, and you can check out a trailer embedded above. It’s a great concept, so hopefully the writing can do it justice.