What’s the January 2018 PS Plus lineup? Ho ho ho, that’s the question we’re here to ponder, as a New Year lingers right around the corner. It’s been a pretty good 2017 for PlayStation Plus – particularly the last six months of the year – but Sony will be looking to keep things fresh over the next 12 months, as it hopes to retain your attention (and subscription fee) through 2018. Which leaves us with the big question: what PS+ goodies are you hoping for?

When will January 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games be announced?

Assuming that Sony sticks to its usual rollout schedule, then we should learn about January 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games on Wednesday, 27th December. However, the Xmas holidays may complicate matters, and the platform holder could decide to bring the reveal forward to Wednesday, 20th December – or any day in the week prior to Christmas. Our bet is still Wednesday, 27th December, but we’re not as certain this month as we usually are.

When will January 2018’s free PS Plus games be available to download?

One thing we are sure of is that January 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games will be available to download from Tuesday, 2nd January. Bank on it.

What are January 2018’s free PS Plus games?

Ah, this is the big question, isn’t it? While we don’t know at the time of typing, we can make some reasonable assumptions. For starters, it’s too early in the year to expect brand new releases, so Sony will probably be diving into its archives again. On the PS4, the balance between “big” releases and “indie” titles has been good of late, so we’d like to see that continue into the New Year. One thing worthy of note is that the Until Dawn: Rush of Blood bonus, which has been free for PSVR owners for a couple of months, is set to expire on Tuesday, 2nd January, so there’s a good chance we may see a new virtual reality title rotated in.

Which free January 2018 PlayStation Plus games do you want?

So what are you hoping to get out of your PS Plus subscription in January 2018 – and the rest of the year? Are there any changes you’d like to see Sony make to the subscription service, and what are they? Let us know.

What free January 2018 PS Plus games do you want? Are you happy with the service at the moment? Follow the usual drill in the comments section below.