God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 1

This has been one of the best years for PlayStation in recent memory, with the selection of software available on the PlayStation 4 outstanding from start-to-finish. But with the year all but over – albeit with one big European sale left to come, we hope – Sony’s already turning its attention to 2018. And the fine folks at XDev Europe have a message for fans: “If you thought 2017 was good, wait till you see what we have in 2018.”

Sony XDev Europe is mostly responsible for exclusives developed by external teams, like Detroit: Become Human and The Inpatient. We already know it’s (seemingly) involved with the MediEvil remaster, and it’s helping bring WipEout Omega Collection to PlayStation VR. What else could it have in store? You can pretty much bank on more PlayLink titles as they've proven particularly popular in the UK, but everything else is anyone’s guess.

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