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Anyone that says Sony isn’t really trying to sell PlayStation VR will get a finger waved in their faces from us. In addition to taking the headset on tour again this year, heavily discounting the price on Black Friday 2017, and generally assembling a continuously strong lineup of games, it’s now launched a new initiative in the United States where select PlayStation Plus members are being invited to try the device for 14 days free of charge.

Okay, so there is a small catch: the platform holder will put $299.99 on hold from your credit card, and if you don’t return the unit within the allotted time, it’s yours to keep at that price. The platform holder has mentioned time and time again that gamers are generally impressed when they try out the technology, so this is one way of selling some of the more engaged PlayStation fans on the unit.

The bundle is a steal at $299.99 by the way, as it includes the PSVR headset alongside a PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR on Blu-ray, and the latest demo disc. All of this would have set you back $349.99 during Black Friday 2017 last week, and the very same package is selling for $449.99 on Amazon right now. So you’re basically getting $150 off, and you don’t have to keep it if you don’t like it.

Insane! The only other downside is that you’ll need to have received an email from Sony in order to take part in the program, so make sure you check your inbox now to see if you’ve been invited.

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