Push Square Game of the Year 2017

We’ve been busy. Like, really busy. Behind the scenes we’ve prepped no less than 30 articles, all of which are set to run over the holiday break. Among them is our Game of the Year countdown: our 10 favourite PlayStation 4 titles from 2017, in descending order.

This year was really difficult to determine because there were just so many great titles to pick from. We started out with a shortlist of 110 (!!!) contenders, and then cut that down to 50 favourites. We then pulled our whole team together, and asked them to vote for their five favourites. Almost every game on the list got at least one vote, which rarely ever happens.

Eventually, we ended up with a top ten. And we’ve written about each of those games individually. Starting from 23rd December through to 1st January, we’ll be gradually revealing our favourites on a daily basis. But you can also look forward to personal picks from our staff and much more.

So do make sure you take the time out from your Christmas break to check out the site and see which title won our Game of the Year gong. And also keep your eye out for a smattering of other features, including Best Of lists and the continuation of the Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament. There’s lots to look forward to over the holidays.