Out now on PlayStation 4, Middle-earth: Shadow of War's latest update brings online pit fights to the game. This does exactly what it says on the tin: you can take your orcs and have them fight against orcs from the games of other players. Could be a fun way to level up your favourite followers and earn some extra loot. The update weighs in at 3GB on Sony's system.

Outside of that main feature, the patch is made up of fixes, which you can find below:

  • Improved Fight Pit pacing: Shortened fight timer and increased damage dealt.


  • Starting a Nemesis Mission will now reset the cooldown for summoning beasts and bodyguards.


  • Fixed an issue where player gear and buffs were affecting Fight Pit participants.
  • Fixed issues where players’ Overlords could disappear from the Army screen after losing a fortress.
  • Fixed issues where an Orc who cheated death after a Pit Fight loss could fail to re-enter the Army screen.
  • Fixed an issue where loading into an Online Vendetta could result in becoming stuck on a black screen.
  • Fixed a long load time issue when selecting “Leave Mission” during an Online Vendetta or Online
  • Conquest.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect Orc traits being shown in the Online Conquests preview menu.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message when replacing a daily challenge.
  • Fixed a campaign audio issue when accessing the first Shadow of the Past Mission.

Are you still playing Shadow of War? What do you think of these free content updates? Keep building that orc army in the comments section below.