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Bonding with Trico is a magical, emotional experience throughout The Last Guardian. The story-driven and mechanical themes of teamwork are spread throughout Fumito Ueda's projects whether you're playing alongside Agro or Yorda, but it's even more intimate with Trico since you're immensely dependent on each other. Wondering what it must be like from The Boy's diminutive perspective to be accompanied by such a towering beast is breathtaking to contemplate, but it's hardly a fantasy with The Last Guardian VR, which is coming to PlayStation VR next Tuesday on 12th December.

It'll be a rather short experience lasting around 30 minutes, but it looks like you'll be doing a quick run through of standard moments throughout the game, such as feeding Trico barrels, solving a puzzle with him, or riding on his back in some tunnels. Doesn't sound like it has much depth, but the experience in itself seems more than worth the trip back to one of 2016's most ambitious, memorable titles, especially since it's standalone and free to all PlayStation VR owners.

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