Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4 PSX 2017 1

Dreams has a three-pronged single player campaign which you can read about through here. The most impressive thing about it, though, is that it’s been built entirely within, well, Dreams. Confused? Okay, let’s try again: Dreams is essentially an imagination simulation where you’re given the freedom to design, animate, program, and compose. And in order to build the title’s story mode, Media Molecule limited its artists and designers to the PS4 game itself, so the entire campaign is built using the same tools that you’ll have access to.

As alluded, there are three interwoven campaigns here: a noir point-and-click, a 3D adventure featuring a teddy bear and a fox, and a sci-fi puzzle platformer. All three have different art styles and gameplay mechanics, and you’ll be alternating between them as you progress. The screenshots show off all three stories, and just to reiterate: they’ve all been made inside Dreams. This game is literally blowing our mind.