God bless, PlayStation! Seriously, where else can you find such wild creative variety as Death Stranding, Dreams, and Concrete Genie? The latter, announced at Paris Games Week earlier in the year, has been flying under the radar a little bit – but boy does it look special! The title was on display as part of a PSX 2017 panel overnight, and it seems really unique.

Described as an action adventure game, the developer’s focusing on the artistic elements for now, which enables you to use “living paint” to colour the dull, urban environments with glittery artwork. The twist is that, unlike in other artistic titles, you won’t really need any talent to make something amazing, as the title assists you with your paintings along the way.

For those who don’t know, this is being developed by PixelOpus, an underground first-party developer consisting of students and some industry veterans. Take a look at the ten minute gameplay demo and interview embedded above, and let us know what you think of this interesting outing in the comments section below.

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