The exciting thing about PlayStation VR is that we’re now approaching the second generation of software, with many teams already experienced with the medium and returning for a second bite of the cherry. This applies to Sony’s own London Studio, who worked on launch title PlayStation VR Worlds and is now back with Blood & Truth.

In essence, this is the developer’s London Heist demo expanded into a full game, and it looks excellent. Movement is handled via a series of nodes, which sounds limiting but seems to work well. It’s the sheer interactivity of the world that impresses, though, using two PlayStation Move controllers to allow you to do practically anything you want to – including controlling security cameras and even manually reloading your gun.

As this demo debuted at PSX 2017 progresses, it becomes clear just how much control is afforded you. For example, you can rest ammunition clips on the butt of your gun, flick it upwards, and slam the bullets into the bottom of your weapon. An interrogation scene later on shows how you can shoot at your target's leg to get him to speak.

This is all wildly exciting, and we haven’t even mentioned yet that it appears to be the most visually impressive PSVR title made to date. London Studio’s really delivering on its promise of a AAA virtual reality release, and we can’t wait to play the game next year.