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We don't mean to alarm you, but it's already December. Mental. Still, the last month of the year tends to offer up some prime gaming time, what with holidays and nights where it's far too cold to think about going out and socialising. As such, we want to know what your plans are this year. 

We all have different habits: some of us use the time to clear out the old backlog, while others take advantage of sales and pick up a big role-playing game to really get stuck into. With the PlayStation 4 now in the fourth year of its life, its library is bursting with variety -- there's something for everyone.

Let us know what kind of games you plan on playing in our poll, and then lay down your plans in the comments section below.

What kind of games do you plan on playing this holiday? (134 votes)

  1. I'll be clearing out the backlog, of course37%
  2. I'll be scouring the sales for whatever's cheap4%
  3. A good bit of multiplayer gaming will suit me1%
  4. Some story-driven games seem like a good idea9%
  5. A big old RPG will keep me warm over the holidays14%
  6. I plan on finding a nice open world to spend some time in7%
  7. I need an action game to heat things up over the holidays1%
  8. Something family friendly so I can play with relatives  0%
  9. A cosy co-op game for me and a special someone  0%
  10. I'll cosy up with something nice and relaxing  0%
  11. I fancy some horror this holiday1%
  12. I think I'll go for a bit of everything, whatever takes my fancy19%
  13. I honestly haven't decided yet4%
  14. I won't be doing much, if any, gaming this month2%

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