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The Game Awards have been the butt of many jokes over the years (often rightly so) but organiser Geoff Keighley has done his best to refine the formula with each new instalment. For what it's worth, we personally think last night's show was the best one yet, and we're happy to see Keighley's project seemingly resonate with more people than ever before.

But enough about what we think -- we want to know your thoughts on The Game Awards 2017. Did you enjoy watching it? What was your favourite aspect? Have your say in our polls, and then give us some details in the comments section below.

Did you enjoy The Game Awards 2017? (148 votes)

  1. Yes, I thought it was great23%
  2. Yeah, I enjoyed it well enough30%
  3. Meh, it was okay11%
  4. Nah, I didn't really like it3%
  5. No, I thought it was rubbish7%
  6. I haven't watched it26%

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What aspect of The Game Awards 2017 did you enjoy the most? (138 votes)

  1. The awards themselves5%
  2. The exclusive announcements48%
  3. The live performances4%
  4. The industry tribute videos4%
  5. The inevitable awkward moments12%
  6. I didn't enjoy anything4%
  7. I haven't watched it25%

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What was your favourite part of The Game Awards 2017? (138 votes)

  1. Vacation Simulator announcement  0%
  2. Accounting+ trailer1%
  3. From Software teaser trailer5%
  4. The live orchestra8%
  5. In the Valley of the Gods announcement3%
  6. Carol Shaw tribute1%
  7. SoulCalibur VI announcement4%
  8. Fade to Silence announcement  0%
  9. Death Stranding trailer32%
  10. Dreams trailer4%
  11. Phoenix performance  0%
  12. Witchfire announcement1%
  13. Josef Fares goes mental on stage19%
  14. A Way Out trailer  0%
  15. Andrew House tribute4%
  16. GTFO announcement2%
  17. Metro Exodus trailer1%
  18. I haven't watched it14%

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