ni no kuni ii delay.png

Let's face it: a Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom delay was looking more and more likely. Despite the game supposedly launching in January, Bandai Namco has barely mentioned it for months now. Plus, we had that rumour back at the beginning of November, which suggested that a delay was on the cards.

As it turns out, the whispers were accurate: Ni no Kuni II has indeed been pushed back to March -- March 23rd, to be precise. It's a move that only makes sense given how packed January is looking, with titles like Monster Hunter: World and Bandai Namco's own Dragon Ball FighterZ releasing.

Delays are disappointing of course, but producer Akihirko Hino assures fans that the extra time will help improve the game. He writes on the publisher's official German Facebook page, which seems to have posted the news early: "On behalf of the whole Level 5 team I thank you for your patience and further support."

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