Metal Gear Survive, the co-op twist on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s gameplay, has a single player campaign. And here’s the crazy part: it actually looks pretty good. So essentially you’re tasked with completing missions in a sandbox-esque area. Beating quests enables you to recruit people to your home base, and you're then able to build defences and craft items that will help you to tackle more difficult missions.

It’s basically Metal Gear Minecraft, but your inventory will be shared between single player and multiplayer, so whatever you’re doing in the game will contribute towards your progress. Look, we’re going to be honest here, this actually looks good. We’ve seen this type of survival gameplay before, and it doesn’t exactly fit the Metal Gear universe, but whatever – it could actually be pretty fun.

In other news, a beta for Metal Gear Survive will launch on the PlayStation 4 from 18th January through 21st January. You'll be able to download it for free from the PlayStation Store, and every person who participates will unlock bonus items in the full release, including a FOXHOUND nameplate, a Metal Gear REX Head accessory, and a bandana.