assassin's creed origins sehkmet.png

Ubisoft has a big Assassin's Creed Origins update in the works, which it plans on releasing later this month. The upcoming patch will add several new features to the open world adventure, and set things up for the next boss battle event.

So, what are these fresh features? For starters, a new difficulty option is being introduced. 'Nightmare' mode will make enemies a lot tougher, so that should be worth a go if you want a whole new challenge. On top of that, the developer is adding optional enemy level scaling. When enabled, all lower-level enemies will rise to Bayek's level. This should make returning to earlier areas more interesting.

Meanwhile, for those of you who enjoy the combat system, Ubisoft will be incorporating a horde mode. You'll be able to visit the Cyrene arena and take on endless waves of warriors to satisfy your bloodlust and hone your skills.

And last but not least, a "surprise" quest is promised.

Sounds good, doesn't it? We'll be sure to let you know when the update goes live, but until then, surf some sands in the comments section below.