Traditionally, the end of December is used as a time to reflect on the very best that this year has served up. Game of the Year lists are aplenty, the Push Square countdown to number one has already begun, and our fellow scribes are penning articles on the games that they think have been overlooked.

But what you won’t find in those upcoming pieces is this set of games, a collection of titles that you’ve probably forgotten even existed. While others can shower the year’s best in compliments, let’s put the spotlight back onto the duds.

These are the PS4 games you most likely forgot even released in 2017.


Agents of Mayhem

As a follow-up to the Saints Row series, Agents of Mayhem brought with it a decent amount of potential if it managed to emulate the chaos and destruction found in the adventures of Johnny Gat. And while the new IP did manage to mimic that absurdity, the forgettable story and lacklustre open-world meant it quickly fell out of the minds of gamers. It’s clear that the world isn’t looking for a sequel.


For Honor

For Honor feels like it’s going to go the same way as Rainbow Six: Siege. Releasing to positive reviews and seemingly good sales, the title has now gone the way of the dodo when it comes to general gaming discussion. However, much like its Ubisoft counter-part, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this one pop up again in six months with a surprisingly strong player base that is being treated to long-term content support. But for now, For Honor hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.



If you were to define this entire article by one game, it’s Lawbreakers. Again, this released to generally favourable reviews, but launching in a very crowded genre always spelled trouble for Cliff Bleszinski’s newest project. While Overwatch pretty much killed the game straight from the off, poor marketing and a questionable release date didn’t help the cause either. It has almost become a game in itself to see how low the title’s player count drops to, with the current record sitting at 10. Lawbreakers could have turned out to be an excellent game if it had been treated to even a little bit of a playerbase, but with that being non-existent, we’ll never really know.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

There was a time where it would be utterly barbaric to suggest that a Mass Effect game wouldn’t make a Top 10 list for the year. But then Mass Effect Andromeda released, a title that will top a lot of people’s most disappointing countdowns. Buried beneath a dump of open world clutter, performance issues, and a poor visual palette, it was tough to find the true Mass Effect experience underneath. Associate Editor Robert Ramsey may try and convince you otherwise, but with the cancellation of any potential single player DLC, it’s clear that even BioWare themselves want to turn off the lights on Mass Effect: Andromeda.



RiME was one of the very first PlayStation 4 games to be shown to the public, and four years later, we finally got to play the final version in May. But that long, long wait clearly had an impact on the overall anticipation for the title as it released to a bit of a whimper, despite another set of positive reviews. Unlike other games such as Journey and The Witness, the game just didn’t have a lasting effect on players. A neat game in the moment, but seven months later, it’s not in our thoughts.

Is there another game that was so utterly forgettable that it didn't even cross our minds when creating this article? Jog your memories in the comments below.