We knew it was happening, but here's some juicy confirmation: Dragon's Crown Pro will be heading West in Spring next year. That's the official word from Atlus, with the publisher also pointing out that the game will be playable at the PlayStation Experience this weekend.

For those totally out of the loop, Pro is a remaster of PlayStation 3 and PS Vita co-op dungeon-crawling action RPG Dragon's Crown. Boasting absolutely gorgeous Vanillaware visuals, loads of loot, and some great combat, we can't wait to play through it all over again.

The PlayStation 4 remaster promises 4K support, a freshly recorded soundtrack (which was already stunning, by the way), and cross-play with the old versions of the game. It'll even have cross-save functionality, so you'll be able to bring your previous saves over if you still have them.

Are you looking forward to delving into Dragon's Crown all over again? Cleave your way to some treasure in the comments section below.