Call of Duty: WWII PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Call of Duty is back – although it didn’t really go anywhere to begin with, did it? Activision’s announced that historical first-person shooter Call of Duty: WWII has now raked in over $1 billion worldwide since launching last month, which in case you hadn’t noticed is an extortionate sum of money. It’s also the top selling console game of 2017 in North America, marking the ninth consecutive year that the series has taken that crown, based on revenue.

“Thank you to our players for your incredible passion and engagement,” said chuffed Activision bigwig Eric Hirshberg, before blowing his nose on a $100 bill. “And thank you to our talented, committed teams all across the globe that make incredible results like this happen.”

In other victorious news for our overlords at Activision, the publisher announced that Destiny 2 is the second highest selling game of the year in North America based on revenue, and that it’s outsold the original instalment based on units. So yeah, it seems that the company will be dining fine on Christmas Day.