dead or alive 5 end.jpg

Team Ninja's been supporting Dead or Alive 5 for years -- across two generations, we might add -- showering the flashy fighter with approximately 12 billion different costume packs. Now, it sounds like the developer's finally leaving the game behind.

After the title's latest tournament wrapped up, the studio revealed a four-minute video which features various members of the team. Fans at the event -- and many of those watching online -- thought this was the big moment where Team Ninja would announce Dead or Alive 6. Sadly, what they got was a bit of a sucker punch.

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In the video, the developer essentially lays the title to rest, and there's no direct mention of a sequel. It does say, however, that the Dead or Alive team will remain active, leaving us to wonder how long it'll be before we hear about the series' sixth instalment.

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