You know what's really cool about opinions? You don't necessarily have to share them with other people. Sadly, this is a fact of life that the internet gets wrong all too often, so it's actually quite refreshing to see THQ Nordic having a laugh with its accolades trailer for ELEX.

The open world role-playing game launched last month on PlayStation 4, and it's more than fair to say that it was divisive. The title currently sits at a 56 over on Metacritic, with scores ranging all the way from 85 to 25.

We awarded the release a not-so-great 4/10 in our review, but we did point out that the game has a certain B-tier charm to it that you just don't see all that often these days. Does that mean we'd recommend it? Heck no, but we can see why some people seem to like it. Again, opinions and all that.

Anyway, give the accolades trailer a watch -- we've embedded it above. We had a good chuckle at one featured YouTube comment that reads "looks like a Skyrim mod". 

They're not wrong.