What in the name of Nemo is this? Nussoft has announced open world, aquatic action game Ace of Seafood for the PlayStation 4, which... Well, we don’t even know where to start with this one. The game essentially takes place in a fantasy world where sea urchins possess the ability “to shoot powerful rays of light”. You’ll be assembling a crew of crustaceans, with the objective to become king crab. Or something.

It seems that you must capture reefs in order to take control of the ocean and recruit more sealife to your side. Here’s a quote from the press release: “In this adventure, you can be a sardine, crab, or giant squid. Let’s fight in the vast ocean, get more genes, and aim for the strongest creature in the ocean.”

Apparently, the full release features local split-screen co-op and online multiplayer, and it’ll release alongside a “variety of seafood PlayStation Network avatars”. What the hell is going on? We’ll find out for ourselves on 14th November when the title releases on the PS4 for $14.99.

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