warframe plains of eidolon ps4.jpg

If you really want to get stuck into it, Warframe can eat away hours upon hours of your time -- and the overall experience is about to get even bigger. Announced a while back, the free-to-play title's Plains of Eidolon update is finally landing on PlayStation 4 next week.

Developer Digital Extremes has marked its launch down for the 14th November, and as with the base game, it'll be free to download and play. Plains of Eidolon adds a large open world map for you to explore, which is a far cry from the tight corridors and mostly interior locations that make up the rest of the title. It's going to be interesting to see how it all comes together.

We actually revisited the release not too long ago after spending a year or two away from it, and we were left thoroughly impressed by how far the whole package has come in that time. 

Are you still playing Warframe? If not, might this update tempt you back? Become a space ninja in the comments section below.

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