Trophies PS4 PlayStation 4 Platinum

Remember Sony Rewards, the US-only loyalty programme introduced in 2010? Probably not, but a new update now adds Trophy functionaility, allowing members of the service to earn PSN credits by earning Trophies. The bad news? Rewards aren't retroactive, so no matter how many games you've tirelessly Platinumed, you'll only be given points for Trophies you earn after you opt-in to the Trophy Pass programme.

Sony has introduced three tiers of Trophy rewards. Earning 100 Silver Trophies gets you 100 points, 25 Gold Trophies nets you 250 points, and 10 Platinums yields 1000 points - they're worth $1, $2.50, and $10 respectively. According to the terms and conditions you can earn up to 12 Trophy Passes per year, so dig out those Telltale games and get cracking.

Does this new update make Sony Rewards a worthwhile service, or is it simply a waste of time? Dream about living in the US in the comments below.