Game development icon Jeff Minter’s public spat with Atari had a very happy ending: he’s been allowed to make Tempest 4000 for the PlayStation 4. And it looks like the title’s release is imminent, seeing as it’s just racked up a PEGI rating, suggesting that it’s (almost) ready to go. The game – which looks exactly as you’d expect it to – was revealed earlier in the year, and is clearly going to be glorious.

Having found fame with Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar, Minter made a spiritual successor for the PlayStation Vita named TxK. He wanted to port this game to the PS4, but Atari’s legal team shut it down, citing its likeness to the original Tempest games. Nasty words were exchanged between the two parties – and then Atari let him make Tempest 4000 anyway. Happy days!