All the way back in 2012, French developer Quantic Dream released a tech demo called Kara running in realtime on the PlayStation 3. It wasn’t a game back then: it was the Parisian studio showing what it could do with Sony’s hardware, but it would eventually form the foundations of Detroit: Become Human – the firm’s third PlayStation exclusive release.

In this new video, director David Cage looks back at the project, and shares a little insight on how it was created. This isn’t exactly a riveting watch unless you’re a fan of the company’s very unique output, but there’s some cool insight here – particularly when he talks about the choreography of the robot arms in the clip.

There’s also a new PlayStation Blog post where the divisive lead outlines the evolution of the firm’s motion capture technology. To be fair, whether you’re a fan of the developer or not, the bits we’ve played of Detroit: Become Human are wild from a pure presentation package – it looks mind-bogglingly good on the PS4 Pro.