Gang Beasts PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Announcement of an announcement alert! Almost three years after a PlayStation 4 port was announced at PSX 2014, former Internet darling Gang Beasts may finally be coming to the console. The Double Fine published game has had a somewhat troubled development over the years, still stuck in Steam Early Access and yet to have a concrete release date, but a glimmer of hope has arisen from the title's Twitter account.

Developer Boneloaf announced that it "will post new information on Steam and PS4 release content next week" leading some to believe that this new information could be a PS4 release date. There's no indication of when this date could be, but we'd wager that a launch in early 2018 seems most likely.

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Are you excited that Gang Beasts is finally coming to PS4, or has the long delay killed your appetite for Boneloaf's project? Ragdoll into a flaming pit in the comments below.