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It’s been a long time since we learned anything about Dreams, the madcap imagination simulation from Media Molecule. But as alluded overnight, the Guildford-based developer will return at PSX 2017 next month to tell us more about the game. While it sounds like Sony will have a very low-key presentation instead of a press conference prior to the show, it’s looking like panels will take centre stage instead – and that’s where the aforementioned comes in.

To tease the impending showing, the studio released the following animation, created entirely within the game:

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We wouldn’t be surprised if a beta released in tandem with the convention, as one was originally planned for Dreams last year, but got delayed indefinitely. It definitely seems like the best way to sell people on this game is for them to get their hands on it – and we imagine it’s going to be wild seeing the kinds of weird and wonderful things people build with it.

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