This year's Master Cup Tekken 7 tournament in Japan just ended. A gruelling team competition that lasted the entire day, many of the country's best players took part. It offered up some incredible matches, but the best spectacle of all was saved for last.

Two of the strongest teams in the tournament made it to the grand finals -- Team Yamasa and Anti-Benkei. The former comprises of some of Japan's most well-known players, including the legendary Nobi, and the super impressive Take.

The tournament is single elimination, and teams are made up of five players. The players take turns to fight, with the winner staying in to take on the next opposing team member. If all five members are beaten, that team loses. Players choose their character before the tournament begins, so there's no tactical switching. It's basically tournament Tekken in its rawest form.

The stage was set for Team Yamasa to steamroll the competition, as masterful Hworang player Batsu tore through Anti-Benki like wet tissue paper. Batsu took out four Anti-Benkei players with relative ease, leaving them with just one last hope in Kagemaru -- a Josie player who had looked solid throughout the day.

It was shaping up to be a clean 5-0 grand finals victory for Team Yamasa, but Kagemaru was able to stop the momentum, beating Batsu in a close match. However, with four players still left for Team Yamasa, it seemed as though it was only a matter of time before Kagemaru would run out of steam.

Unbelievably, that never happened. Kagemaru somehow fought his way through the rest of Team Yamasa, beating the likes of Nobi, Take, and Yuu to clinch what will no doubt be remembered as one of the greatest comeback victories in fighting game history. Anti-Benkei were looking down and out just 15 minutes before Kagemaru dragged them from the jaws of defeat and propelled them to the first place podium.

We've embedded the match in full above. Trust us -- it's well worth a watch.