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We've been writing about Final Fantasy XV for what feels like an eternity, from the day it was announced -- then titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII -- all the way until now. The game's been out for a year at this point, but Square Enix simply refuses to move on. The publisher's peppered it with updates, downloadable content, and even multiplayer expansions over the last 12 months, but guess what? It's not done yet.

According to director Hajime Tabata, who surely must be sick and tired of talking about Final Fantasy XV, the development team wants to release "at least" three more DLC story episodes in 2018. One of them will apparently focus on Ardyn, the game's classy bad guy. There's currently no word on whether there'll be another season pass.

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Look, we really enjoyed Final Fantasy XV, but when will it end? It's great that the company's providing so much support for its product, but this is unprecedented for what is essentially a single player action role-playing game.

We can't wait to still be writing about Final Fantasy XV this time next year.