EA Access PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Prior to launch, Sony insinuated that EA Access represented poor value for money, and that hasn’t really turned out to be true. The service has, in fact, gone from strength-to-strength – and it certainly hasn’t culminated in a glut of copy cats from rival publishers like Activision and Ubisoft. Not yet, anyway.

And speaking as part of an earnings call, EA has hinted that the subscription could finally be coming to the PlayStation 4. “Our subscription player base continues to grow,” boss Andrew Wilson noted. “And you should expect us to continue driving this model to more platforms going forward.” This same statement was then reiterated throughout the meeting.

Considering that EA Access is already available on Xbox One and PC, then the only other real candidates are the PlayStation 4 and smartphones. Some of you may point out the Nintendo Switch, but at the time of typing, the publisher has only released one game on the platform and it doesn’t currently have any more announced.

Our guess, then, is that the service is coming to Sony’s console at long last, where it’ll be quite welcome to be frank. Currently, a subscription to EA Access nets you access to a growing archive of on-demand games, as well as discounts and various other perks. Would you be up for something like that?

[source seekingalpha.com]