dragon ball fighterz.jpg

It feels a bit weird to be reporting on what you'd regard as basic functionality in a fighting game, but that's just where we're at these days. Anyway, Dragon Ball FighterZ's freshly detailed arcade mode sounds great, giving solo players something meaningful to chew through when they don't fancy jumping online.

According to the game's latest press release, you'll fighting tougher and tougher opponents as you progress through arcade mode. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but apparently, you'll also be increasing your rank as you rack up the wins, which should give you something of a long-term goal. What's more, three different arcade courses will be available, and a hard mode gets unlocked once you've beaten them.

To top it all off, everything you do in the game nets you zeni, the title's in-game currency, and you'll be able to spend it on alternate costume colours for your favourite characters as well as other items. Hooray for unlockables!

How much do you value single player content in fighting games? Climb the arcade ladder in the comments section below.