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Hmmm, well this is rather interesting, isn't it? According to Reddit user EnergiserX, Destiny 2 has a system in place that prevents you from obtaining Bright Engrams too quickly. For those who don't know, Bright Engrams are basically Destiny 2's version of loot boxes. You earn one Bright Engram every time that you level up past level 20, or you can buy them from the game's microtransaction store with real money.

In order to level up, you need to kill enemies or complete objectives to acquire experience points. However,  impressive research carried out by EnergiserX suggests that the game actually scales down the amount of experience points that you earn if you're collecting them too quickly. This essentially means that you can't "power level" in Destiny 2 without the title doing its best to slow you down.

Naturally, people are already questioning the real reasoning behind this system. Is Bungie pushing players towards spending real money on Bright Engrams by crippling their ability to efficiently earn experience points? 

We're sure it won't be long until the situation catches the developer's eye.