call of duty dog.png

You know a company probably has too much time and money on its hands when it decides to oppose a patent for a family-run dog waste removal service. Mega publisher Activision plans to stand in the way of 'Call of DooDee' -- a North American business that offers everything from standard patio sprays to monthly poop-scooping visits.

The service's name appears to be the problem here -- a play on the publisher's blockbuster Call of Duty franchise -- as Call of DooDee apparently isn't using any copyrighted materials or anything like that. We think the name's quite catchy, but Activision doesn't seem to agree. The gaming juggernaut hasn't actually taken action yet, but it has just successfully extended its opposition deadline. In other words, the publisher's thinking about making a move before the year's out.

What do you make of this somewhat sh*tty situation? No dogs allowed in the comments section below.