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DONTNOD’s upcoming action role-playing game Vampyr has no DLC plans, as publisher Focus Home Interactive would prefer to start work on a sequel if the title’s a success. The game, which boss Cédric Lagarrigue believes can sit alongside blockbuster titles despite not having a AAA budget, was recently delayed into 2018 – and in an interview with MCV, the gaffer has shed a little more light on what would constitute success for the project.

“From our investment, it will be considered a success when around a million copies are sold, but it will only need half of that to be profitable,” he said. “These are numbers we now reach and exceed regularly with most our games. Vampyr benefits from strong recognition and expectations, which will only increase over the coming weeks. It has everything it needs to become a nice surprise on the market.”

While the game doesn’t have the budget of a, say, Horizon: Zero Dawn or a The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, the executive believes that the title’s unique setting and storyline will attract consumers. “Players yearn for new experiences, originality, and less generic direction,” he added. “There’s room for blockbusters, but players are ever fonder of different experiences.” And he’s right, y’know? We reckon Vampyr should comfortably hit its targets.